Invest to your health and beauty with professionals of YES VISAGE Clinics. During your stay in the Czech Republic you can expect a high quality service with a discreet individual approach, going well beyond standard care and providing complex solutions with an emphasis on safety and consideration for the client.


YES VISAGE Clinic is an European international clinic of aesthetic medicine and plastic and cosmetic surgery with full range of preventive and aesthetic medicine, dermatology and surgeries.


Among the offered services belongs for example: slimming, weight loss, firming and body shaping (modern liposuction of double chin, arm, abdomen, back, hips, legs and buttocks, removal of cellulite, lymphatic drainage, noninvasive lipodestruction, nutrition advisor services, body analysis, noninvasive laser thigh firming and more), rejuvenation, aesthetic and corrective dermatology (facelift, chemical peeling, wrinkle fillers and reduction, botulinum toxin, surgical eyelift correction, removal of pigmentation spots and scars, mesotherapy and many more), health and beauty (health analysis, blood tests, vitamin C therapy, elimination of sweating and hyperhidrosis, epilation, extensions and thickening of hair and eyelashes, permanent make-up etc.) and plastic surgery (breast enlargement and reduction, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, thigh and buttocks correction and many more).


The team of best professionals (with a lot of foreign experience) and the latest technologies with fully equipped international facilities awaits you in the modern clinic.


The greatest advantages of YES VISAGE Clinics are: professionals (local doctors are the best in their fields of specialization), personal approach (the type of consultation you prefer – personally, by phone or online; doctors on the phone + services of the nurse before and after the surgery), quality of materials used (usage of the proven materials only – implants, fillers and medical supplies are taken from the renowned manufacturers approved by the latest European standards), loyalty program (discounts and benefits for loyal clients) and transparent prices (with YES VISAGE Clinics you always know what you pay for).


We would be also pleased to take care about your accommodation (we will choose the best hotel/suite for you and your dear-ones), transportation (travel with comfort from/to the airport, hotel and Clinics), postoperative care (try a services of Czech Spa, which is one of the world’s best known and most sought after and having a long tradition with proven results) and entertainment (let us to be your guide in the Czech Republic – we can manage the whole-day program for you and/or your family).