Thermal SPA Piešťany

Experience the place full of magical healing procedures, relaxation, regeneration of the whole body but also offering an active holiday, cultural occasions, amusement and sport activities.


Thermal Spa Piešťany are long known as the biggest spa in Slovakia with its own natural therapeutic sources. Piestany owes its prestige to its remarkable natural thermal mineral water springs. Its international fame is also related to the healing geothermal water and restorative sulphuric mud, which are said to have extraordinary therapeutic results on joint and rheumatic disorders.


Physicians and physiotherapists at the spa use state-of-art balneology treatment methods based on newest scientific discoveries. The portfolio of more than 60 different therapeutic and relaxation treatments enables each spa physician to prepare a „made to fit“ therapeutic plan for every guest individually.


The carbon-dioxide treatment is ideal for general relaxation as there is a pleasant soothing feeling of general tickling from the carbon bubbles. Also during the treatment the heat from the thermal water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxing the muscles.


For the rehabilitation, or just for relaxing, you can also use a variety of massages, different types of pools, sauna, jacuzzi, whirpool, salt cave or several kinds of group exercises.


Piešťany provides all that you need to keep fit. Golf course, tennis, jogging and in-line skating paths, cycling paths, squash, bowling and many more.  At nearby dam Sĺňava you can swimming, fishing or try new activities, such as water-skiing or windsurfing.


The area of the Spa island is full of different types of hotels so everybody can choose the right one to have a perfect stay. The city offers a lot of cultural events, music concerts, shopping, variety of restaurants, casino and many more.