The chateau and a park Průhonice

Just a short drive from the city centre of Prague you could find a place of peace, full of wonderful atmosphere and natural beauty. That is a chateau Průhonice and surrounding park that belongs to UNESCO world heritage.


Průhonice castle and the surrounding Průhonice park is an ideal place for the most beautiful romantic wedding in a truly magical setting of the Czech renaissance. The decent castle chambers, crowned with the grand Knight‘s Hall form an impressive backdrop in which every bride shines like a delicate snow-white flower.


Chamber music from the balcony, historical wood paneling and wrought iron chandeliers illuminating the rooms provide an unforgettable atmosphere of something special, magic, something lasting for ages. The wedding ceremony can be held for the whole hour, with 2 extra rooms available for preparations before the ceremony, refreshment or any other needs.


A wedding ceremony in the open courtyard, right in the heart of the magic Průhonický Park, is a wonderful entry into a married life. The view from the courtyard is beautiful. You will see sparkling water of lakes and smell air filled with fragrance of flowers and feel  wind in the trees.


As a follow, there can be a refreshment in one of the chateau parlours and the wedding guests can have a stroll in the  unique and famous Průhonice Park, a refreshing oasis with thousands of species of trees, shrubs and other plants and lakes with golden carp and goldfish, or we can organise a wedding reception in one of the nearby hotels or restaurants.