Shopping in Prague

Come to the capital city of the Czech republic and spend a wonderful day in Prague’s top luxury shops. Guided trip with a possibility to hire a professional photographer and a make-up artist. For real enthusiast in shopping we have an offer that couldn’t be missed!


Possible program for our clients:

  • Pick up the client at any preffered place in Prague (hotel, airport etc.).
  • Breakfast at the multibrand shop Simple Concept Store (Saint Laurent Paris, Lanvin, Ch. Louboutin, Balenciaga, Céline, Dior Homme, etc.) – the shop will be closed especially for our clients.
  • Carollinum (Rolex, Chanel, Breitling, Patek Philippe). Montblanc – there will be a private lounge bar with a served champaigne.
  • Lusha is an italian brand producing unique handbags, accessories and fur made from exclusive materials – during your stay the shop will be closed to provide you privacy for shopping.  Special sales, refreshment and champaigne will make your visit even better.
  • Coffee and tart in Jitka Klett’s studio – meet the fashion designer specialises at arab countries and uses the most luxury materials only.
  • Loro Piana – exclusive refresment and a private shopping for our clients only.
  • Dolce&Gabbana – refreshment, special prize offers.
  • Debut – czech designer’s shop. At the day of our shopping it will be especially closed for the client and best clothes will be delivered there. A refreshment and a champaigne will be served as well.
  • Tiffany&Co. – refreshment, champaigne, VIP lounge.
  • Baldinini – champaigne, special offers and sales for our clients only.